Machine range:
  • Vacuum forming machine, Thermoforming machine,Hydraulic type thermoforming machine,Muiti-stations thermoforming machine,etc
Auxiliary Equipment:
  • Online Crusher ,Off-line Crusher,Puncher to match vacuum forming machine,Chiller to cooling mould,Air compressor, Air tank,etc


To adapt to a variety of color sheet: PET, PVC, PS, PP, flocking sheet, biodegradable, green sheet, APET sheet material such as PETG rapid vacuum or positive pressure forming a variety of open thin-walled container products. For food, electronics, toys, household appliances tray liner, travel accessories, lamps,bags, decorative items, medical supplies, medicine, tourism and other supplies goods to the production of various specifications of packaging. Factory adhere to the people-oriented, technology leading, management as the core concept, pro...


Enterprise vision



Cutting machine application scope: Suitable for foam, cardboard, textile, plastic materials,···

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Air compressor

Machine introduction:1. Longer lifetime.The engine adopt bigger screwer and rotate slowerly(···

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Offline crusher

Machine use:offline crusher for thermoforming machine , vacuum forming machine ,extruder to ···

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HG72x122 Vacuum thermoforming machine

Machine Introduction :This vacuum forming machine with PLC, touch screen,automatic control s···

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Chiller for cooling mould

Machine introduction:Industrial air chiller characteristic: perfect case design, electrostat···

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Two stations thermoformer

Machine application: This machine is designed for producing all size packaging containers, i···

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2022.12.08 Move to new factory

At the end of 2022, we moved into a new factory building, see pictures for details. We have started a new work journey, and we hope that the new factory and new environment···

The customer structure will continue to be rich and the target performance is expected to improve.

New design machine,The customer structure will continue to be rich, and the target performance is expected to improve.

structure of our factory

Our companynowis a professional15R & DEngineer, manufacturing and sales of intelligent machinewith relative packaging machinery and equipment, packaging systems and var···