Cup Wrapping Machine

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Cup Counting Wrapping Machine

Cup Wrapping Machine Cup Counting Wrapping Machine Advantage: 1. high efficiency, stable performance, easy maintain, low fault rate 2. long time continuous operation 3. Sealed performance is good, the packing effect is beautiful 4. can print production date, gas-filled, Solid Angle, punching hanging hole

plastic cup wrapping machine

Cup Wrapping Machine       plastic cup wrapping machine including four parts , details as following :      1. loading conveyor servo robotic main packing machine delivery conveyor 1.loading conveyor Aluminum alloy bracket support the robotic moving , e

Lunch Box Packing Machine

Cup Wrapping Machine Lunch Box Packing Machine Advantage: We had improved new design, which means new generation machine has following feature: 1. more stable working speed; 2. servo motor control; 3. PLC with touch screen adopted; 4. Easy operation; 5. attractive appearance; 6. New generation